Rankin farm was purchased by brothers, Chris and David and their wives, Jennifer and Carrie in 2012. Our mission is to provide healthy, wholesome food from animals raised the most humane way possible. As a veterinarian, Jennifer is entrusted with the health of our animals. Her priority is the well-being, happiness, and above all, humane and respectful treatment and handling of our animals throughout their lives.

All our products are certified organic which guarantees they are free from antibiotics, hormones and GMO containing feed. We further require that none of our feed sources contain soy products.
We love our birds! Our layer flock started with four pet Buff Orpingtons and has since grown from there. Our Flock free-ranges during the day and have a house they put themselves to bed in at night.


We raise small batches of meat birds and turkeys during the summer months. The small size ensures our birds can free-range during the day to forage and graze as they please. They are confined only at night for their protection. This practice is different than most pastured poultry farmers where birds are housed in mobile chicken tractors for their entire life. We believe birds should be able to be out, freely roaming and expressing their natural behavior.


Our pigs are born and live their entire lives on pasture. We never ring our pigs to prevent rooting. They have the freedom to root, wallow, or loaf in the shade as they choose. They are rotated to fresh pasture periodically and have housing to use if they choose.